Monica Watters, Founder, Sacred Touch

Recognized for integrating holistic healing with cutting-edge technology, NYC-based aesthetician Monica Watters optimizes beauty and health via immune system enhancement.  At Sacred Touch, her Flatiron studio, Watters’ inside/out techniques deliver the age-defying results her clients covet.  Considered the Energy Alchemist on speed dial, Watters revitalizes the skin, heart and mind.

Born in Donegal, Ireland, the “Land of Saints and Scholars”, Watters continues the academic lineage by fusing her multidisciplinary training in skin care, live food preparation, nutrition, LED therapy, micro-current, electro-acupuncture facial rejuvenation, energy medicine, Bach Flower Remedies, Crystal Therapy, Reiki Master, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, and Yoga.  

The bedrock of Watters’ healing modality is Celtic and Incan Shamanism. Considered the oldest spiritual path, Watters restores Mind-Body-Spirit so clients reconnect to themselves and the natural world.  The results speak for themselves: clients feel safe, seen, heard and understood.  If a condition is out of her wheelhouse, Watters refers clients to the appropriate doctors and healers. 

An innovator in noninvasive anti-aging techniques and a healing force in wellness, Watters offers the Pastiche Method of diagnostics to identify your complexion concerns and establish their cause and its effect on skin cells and systems.   Determining the root cause(s) provides clients superior, more targeted treatment solutions.   An ordained Interfaith Minister, Watters addresses her clients’ emotional and physical ailments, helping them heal, relax and reduce the visible signs of stress and aging.  

The Sacred Touch facial experience is unparalleled for its thorough deep pore extraction, exfoliation and personalization. Products and tools are subject to the needs of the client’s current skin condition. Watters works exclusively with every client, replenishing the skin’s needs through any seasonal, hormonal and stressful fluctuations. 

Passionate about skin care at an early age, Watters watched her mother pick medicinal herbs on their farm and use them for curative effect.  Watters’ savoir-faire with plants and herbs turned into formulating lotions, potions, and masques. Today, her custom blended serums [hyperlink] have a cult following. The recipient of an advanced Aesthetics CIDESCO Diploma from the renowned Bronwyn Conroy International School in Dublin, Ireland, Watters’ extraordinary knowledge and results draws clients from society, fashion, film, finance, wellness and beyond.   



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